About OCH

Offsite construction Hub, OCH, is a space where startups, entrepreneurs, professionals, institutions, companies and other stakeholders come together to foster learning, collaborative work and co-creation. Their aim is to foster the development and promotion of the industrialized construction model in Spain, while at the same time responding to the challenges of the construction / manufacturing / offsite production sector.

The main objectives of the Offsite Construction Hub include:

  • To promote the improvement in the quality of construction processes in general
  • To promote development and innovation for the transformation of the construction sector and its entire value chain to achieve highly environmentally friendly and affordable buildings by
    three vectors: digitalization, industrialization and sustainability
  • To encourage collaborative research to produce higher quality and not necessarily more expensive buildings and housing
  • To improve working conditions for the construction workforce in more controlled and less risky environments
  • To present offsite construction as an alternative for the productive evolution of the sector

For more information, feel free to contact us.